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Welcome to Dog Mouth Studio!

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Art Shop
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Looking for custom signage for your booth? Or someone to plan your next event?

Message me!

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To learn more about my DIY artshow, The Boneyard, visit the website!

Meet The Artist

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My name is Cassidy Ruiz and I’m a visual artist from California. I was born in Fresno and raised in Woodland, California. I currently reside in the Sacramento area with my partner, two snakes and our cat!

I am the creator of Dog Mouth Studio, as well as The Boneyard DIY Art Show.

As an artist, I practice visual art including acrylic and oil painting, Lino printing, and digital art. In addition to my art, I’m a jewelry maker. I create handmade earrings, necklaces, keychains, unique bookmarks, and one of a kind suncatchers.

I was recently laid off from work and have committed to my art full time, anything helps <3

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